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About Us:

The D.A.R.E INITIATIVE is a 501(3)c Non-Profit Organization with a vision to serve the local communities & families within Florida and abroad in redevelopment, educational, and financial empowerment by the restoration of one's total wellbeing through social and economical resources. Our Mission is to combat poverty by providing skills and resources that create self-sufficiency, including lowering the recidivism rate by giving families a hand up and not a handout, while restoring our community and the people back to their rightful state.

 Our programs include:

I Am H.E.R (Hope. Encouragement. Resources)

The Gift of Hair

Operation Young Boss

Operation Young Boss

Vision: to inspire our youth to dream beyond the salon chair while imparting within them the entrepreneurial spirit, knowledge of business, interpersonal skills, and confidence to become leaders within the beauty industry, our community, and the world. By informing them of opportunities and the background information of the art of cosmetology with a special focus in natural hair care and braiding.

I Am H.​​E.R

Vision: To provide support to spouses, parents, and children of those who struggle with mental disorders and drug addictions by helping to be a resource of hope, encouragement, and financial assistance to families in need. We do this by providing support groups, family counseling, entrepreneurial training, and donations from our partners & donors. Helping to take the Ashes of their Lives and creating Beautiful MasterPieces.

Family Support Group

Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month from 5pm-9pm we have an open family support meeting for both adults & children to fellowship and chat on various topics to offer coping methods to help alleviate the stress and anxiety of having a family member that dealing with mental disorders or drug addiction/etc. Partner with Us by donating to this program that we may provide more resources for our families in need.

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The Gift of Hair​

Through the support of generous donors and partners, we are able to supply women and children that suffer from Alopecia ( hair loss) with free human hair wigs.  This helps with the wellbeing of the individual that is suffering in silence because her Crown has been affected.  We can help restore their Crown.

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