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Thee Heiress​


Thee-Heiress grew up in the projects of Atlantic City, New Jersey Bacharach Blvd housing projects where there was generational poverty. Families that raised their children & their children in the same housing apartments or their children lived two doors from them in the same projects. When the city decided to demolish her project units families were given Section 8 vouchers to move into homes that were approved to take the vouchers to assist them with rent. The Heiress would be a 2nd generation recipient of housing assistance and because of frequent moving throughout her childhood, stability was always an issue that to this day causes her deep anxiety. Thee-Heiress was raped at the age of 13 yrs old by her mother's boyfriend which caused her to rebel. This violation of her body caused her already mental state of low self-esteem to spiral into a rabbit hole of sex, drugs use, alcohol, depression & diminished self-worth that by the age of 27, she had already become a stripper, prostitute, felon, & mother of 3 children by 3 different men. Today Thee-Heiress realized that she had to become her very own childhood hero learning how to help herself first, & becoming the change she desired to see. Now her life mission is to help others by engaging them, equipping them, and empowering them, while also empowering the community in which she lives with a wealth of knowledge, and resources through training & seminars to create a sustainable impact to help her community thrive that the people no longer have to be in shame yet are able to Rise up & Rebuild together. For We are Kings & Queens! We are Royalty & Heirs able to build together a Lasting Legacy for Future Generations to Come!

****I'm Now Available for Speaking Engagements****

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